If you follow me on any social media whatsoever a topic I bring up fairly often is television. Especially Twitter, I love talking about the shows I watch on twitter. And when I say shows I mean strange, questionable and sometimes trashy programs I enjoy watching on TV. So, if you consider yourself a TV connoisseur, this post isn’t for you. In fact, most of my TV posts probably won’t be for you so go back to my homepage and look at my lifestyle posts or rankings.

But, for the rest of you those who enjoy the TV I enjoy stay tuned (hehe, get it). I’m gonna discuss last week’s episodes of two of my favorite shows. SPOILERS AHEAD

Love After Lockup:

Love After Lockup is a reality show detailing the lives of couples who fall in love while one of them is in prison and continue that relationship on the outside. It airs on WEtv, Fridays at 9pm.

This is my favorite show and I could talk about it all day but, I’m going to keep it short and break it up by couple.

Marcelino and Brittany: I never thought this couple would work, then for a second I did, now I’m back to no. In fact, I thought Brittany was the most sensible person on the show until it became very, very clear that she is still in love with her ex/former jail bunkmate, Amanda. In last week’s episode she’s apparently over Amanda and is ready to start her new life with Marcelino, finally announcing her pregnancy. Marcelino hails the pregnancy as “solidifying their relationship” which is always a great thing, right? Right…moving on.

Michael and Megan/Michael and Sarah: Michael recently got out of jail and is married to Sarah (the mother of his child) and dating Megan. Neither women know they are involved with the same man. Yeah, it’s one of those. Oh and Megan loses her virginity to Michael not knowing she’s being two timed on NATIONAL TV and Michael had to leave to talk to his parole officer. Some time later, Megan decides to visit Michael in New York where he lives with SARAH while his family is visiting. He picks her up from the airport, she says she wants to go look at apartments in the area and they immediately get lost. This makes Michael late for his parole appointment and he goes to jail for 120 days. THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T HAVE SIDECHICKS!

Scott and Lizzie: Look, Scott is 90k in debt trying to provide for Lizzie. Nobody approves, can’t tell if Lizzie even cares about Scott. Lizzie’s daughter thinks her mother should focus on herself. This whole thing is just a mess. Fin.

Clint and Tracie: Tracie got out of jail, married Clint, then ran away with his rental car. Then she called him from jail, to tell him she didn’t have the rental car and she’s been arrested. Oh and she’s addicted to drugs. Clint, still loves her and drives to the jail to release her but they won’t let him see her so he stands outside of the jail yelling Tracie. This one makes me sad, I can’t even describe it so I’m just gonna link a clip of him below.

Caitlin and Matt: Caitlin is stilly trying to cope with her mother’s sudden death and Matt is just not helping at all.

The Rap Game:

The Rap Game is a music competition featuring aspiring young rappers who spend 10 weeks in Atlanta trying to impress Jermaine Dupree. It airs on Lifetime, Thursdays at 10pm.

I’ve been watching this show since it first aired, and had became pretty comfortable with the fact that Jermaine ran every season the same way and would never do anything differently. Last week, he proved me wrong. After five seasons of him threatening to send someone home, he finally did sending Amayah home after her rough media week.

Amayah, though she is probably the greatest lyricist this season, has kind of consistently been the weakest link. She suffers in performances and stage battles, she’s simply not expressive enough in performances-yet. There were flashes where we could see a performing side but, they never lasted long. All though she was kicked from the house this season, she’ll most likely be a huge song writer in the next few years.

London, the mother of Tyeler Reign suffered a seizure around mid way through the episode and revealed to the rest of the cast that she has a brain tumor. This was heartbreaking and my prayers go out to Tyeler and her family.

Jermaine also announced that he will be eliminating someone the next week as well. Which was a shocker to me because I truly did not expecting him to eliminate anyone at all. But as he says every episode “This is the motherf*cking rap game” so I shouldn’t have been surprised. I think Eli should go next but have the feeling Nya is going to get sent home instead. But we’ll see tonight at 10!

Here’s Da Brat’s summary of last week’s episode:

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Going forward I’ll dedicate separate posts to each show and keep then under the category #jaewatches.

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