Since we talked about princesses today I wanted to keep to theme and remind you all that you’re all amazing and should be treated like royalty. So here are a few ways you can treat yourself like the royalty you are:

  • Wash your feet-Soaking your feet in hot water is always soothing, it helps relax muscles and treat calluses.
  • Treat Yourself- buy that latte you’ve been thinking about all week, the small things do matter.
  • Light a candle-This is self explanatory, candles are just soothing.
  • Go for a walk-walks always help clear my mind and put things in perspective.
  • Journal-writing everything down is helpful and a great way to relieve stress.

This was a short one, just wanted to share some small ways I treat myself.Thanks for reading make sure to check me out on instagram, twitter, or facebook!

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