Test the Hype: Wiggins Hair

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Happy Monday, how was your weekend? Now if you follow me on Instagram you may remember me asking if you wanted to read my review on Wiggins hair or Tinashe hair. You all voted for Wiggins and here it is in another installment of Test the Hype.


This is another one of my posts where I discuss how YouTube (or social media in general) led me to a purchase and whether or not I enjoyed it. This hair was featured in a video by a few youtubers, I can’t pinpoint the exact user that made me purchase but, I did. And let me tell you. This hair did not disappoint for me.


Pricing and Delivery

I purchased three loose wave bundles (one 14 inch two 16 inch) and a 14 inch frontal for $131.63 on January 28, 2018 the hair was delivered on February 1, 2018.  Processing and delivery was extremely fast so I was pleased with that

The second time I bought just three 14 inch body wave bundles for $90.79 on August 10, they were delivered around August 12 one 13 but, they’ve changed something about the system so I had to verify my address via email and had I not seen that email I wouldn’t have gotten my package. That was worrisome.




Remember in my UNice hair review I discussed how it came with this cute little box? I love cute packaging so brands who put time into stuff like that always make me happy. Wiggins isn’t great on packaging, the bundles came in the usual DHL envelope wrapped in the plastic covering both times.


Hair quality

This hair is consistently soft, like both textures I’ve tried were soft and tangle free. Even the wig with proper upkeep (I washed/conditioned it every week) stayed tangle free. My favorite of the two textures is the loose wave because it took to wand curls very well, and when it was wet it had a great texture. I never wet or attempted to wand curl the body wave but it did straighten nicely. Neither shed excessively, which was amazing for the body wave cause those wefts were cut multiple times.



For the first order with the frontal, I made my very first wig. Not necessarily an activity I enjoyed but I ended up loving the wig. I wore it religiously for three months and still have it, and it’s in great shape.

The second order I attempted my first traditional sew in in years and the upkeep in the end of summer heat was unsustainable for my sweat producing natural scalp so this install didn’t last as long but I still have the bundles.


Should you buy?

In my opinion, Wiggins is great affordable hair brand with fast shipping and great hair. I would highly recommend the two textures I tried (body wave or loose wave) and I look forward to trying their other textures (I’m thinking straight next) once I decide whether I want to make another wig again.  


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