If you’re attuned to the beauty community, you’ve heard of Unice hair. Unice hair was once an Aliexpress hair vendor but, they now have their own website and have partnered with popular social media faces to promote their brand. Some of my favorite YouTubers  swear by Unice hair. And I’m not going to lie, their prices are appealing especially to a girl on a budget. One can purchase three body wave bundles and a closure for as low as $98, compared to certain luxury brands where one bundle may cost $100 or more.

I got caught up in the hype last year and purchased from the company twice. The first time I purchased four body wave bundles and a closure in lengths 12, 14,16 and 18, paying a total of $165 using a coupon for new customers. The second purchase I made was an order of three bundles and a closure (I ended up not needing four  bundles the first time) of Brazilian jerry curl in lengths 14, 16, and 18 for $144 using another coupon.  The shipping is fast, both orders took about three to four days to arrive at my house but that’s not the question of Unice hair. The question is, is it worth it?

The Brazilian body wave was not bad, it wasn’t phenomenal but it wasn’t bad. There was minimal shedding or tangling, and it was easy to style. It did have a slight odor at first but, that disappeared with a quick shampoo. I was able to wear it twice and only experienced shedding and tangling the second time, which may have been user error, I was not taking care of it as much as I had the last time.

(the first install)

It’s the second purchase, the jerry curl that proved to be problematic. Let me tell you: This hair was awful. Within a week it shed like crazy even though the wefts were not cut, it tangled awfully and constantly felt dry and crunchy with or without product. I was only able to get about four weeks wear out of it before I couldn’t deal with it anymore and took the install out.  Threw the bundles away immediately and have not bought from them since.

the jerry curl hair week one

Overall, I would recommend the body wave hair as an option for people looking for decent hair on a tight budget. But, stay away from their curly hair it sheds and tangles awfully and is not worth the hassle.



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What brand should I try next?

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  1. I must admit the curly hair was beautiful when we first did it, and it looked so natural. But I get it, if it doesn’t hold up what’s the use in spending the money.

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