Slay Trials is a monthly series where I buy one brand of makeup and wear it for seven days, straight.  Wearing the same brand for this long enabled me to form a well rounded opinion of the brand.  This month’s Slay Trials brand was Maybelline.

the brand

Maybelline is one of the oldest cosmetic brands around. Seriously, look it up the brand is 103 years old. That much mileage comes with a range of products and collections some of which I’ve tried and haven’t so I decided to try a full face of Maybelline products every day for a week.

the products

Maybelline has always been on the affordable side of makeup but somehow during this trip to Walmart I ended up spending $109 on a full face of Maybelline products excluding the foundation (I’ve had the fit me foundation for two years at this point). Heres what I got

the good

I will never live without the fit me powder ever again, it’s so smooth and soft and just everything. I heard it was good but, I never expected to like it this much. It currently sits right next to my other favorite powder.

The brow pencil is actually a great dupe for Brow wiz, so I was pretty pleased with it besides the constant snapping.

The FitMe foundation is one of my favorites but, I don’t use it much which I’ll explain later in this post.

The city mini palette is so adorable, I loved the colors but could use a bit more pigmentation. The gel eyeliner was also a favorite because it was easy to use, specifically the tiny brush that came with it.

the bad 

Each and every one of the automatic pencils that I bought whether brow, eyeliner, or lip broke easily. Like super easily, I was afraid to use the eye pencil in case it broke on my water line. The primer and the setting spray does have a light odor like glue that’s a little off putting to apply to your face. Plus, I wasn’t a fan of the bottle for the primer with it coming out of that teeny tiny hole.

the eh 

The master bronze palette wasn’t that useful, I was able to use the highlighter, and the darkest shade a bit but that’s about it. The mascara wasn’t anything to be wowed about but it wasn’t awful, I’ve yet to find an amazing drugstore mascara so I wasn’t expecting much from this one

and the downright ugly

I don’t wear this foundation much because it usually upsets my skin and causes some type of break out on my cheeks. The breakouts usually clear up within a few days so I stay away. Also, I hate how it doesn’t have a pump! I can’t stand pouring that stuff onto my hand to dip my sponge/ brush into it. If you want to see how I do my everyday makeup click here.


I’m giving away  a City Mini palette,    FitMe! loose powder,  Eyestudio   Lasting   gel liner,  a master prime primer, and the master fix setting spray.    Here’s how you enter:

  1. Must be 18 or older
  2. Must be following me on Instagram
  3. Comment   💄 on this post

That’s it ! The winner will be announced on my Instagram  page on 9/10/18! Goodluck!

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