What is Slay Trials?

Slay Trials is a monthly series where I buy one brand of makeup and wear it for seven days, straight.  Wearing the same brand for this long enabled me to form a well-rounded opinion of the brand.  This month’s Slay Trials brand was Colourpop

The brand

Founded in 2014 by Seed Beauty Colourpop is known for being an inexpensive brand that provides great quality and often collaborates with celebrities and influencers,

The products

Remember when I spent $109 on Maybelline products in the last Slay Trials? I expected to spend close to that much with colourpop and ended up only spending $83!! I had two products (the loose powder highlighter and the clear brow gel) for about a year so here’s what I ended up buying.

The good

My eye shadow palette collection is now up to three, and I love the shades in the Yes, Please palette so it’s a favorite of this purchase along with the ultra-glossy lip and swerve liner.

The bad

The concealer kind of has a weird undertone in person, it comes off a little pink, which you can’t really see on the site. Although the powder does help it I don’t see myself using this concealer very often.

The eh

I never see a difference in how long my brows last with the brow boss gel, applying it feels kind of useless. The powder wasn’t that impressive, it kind of takes a little bit of work to set into the skin

the concealer

(does that make sense?) so I’m not a huge fan.

The downright ugly

The Precision Brow pencil I was sent did not work at all. It seems like the part that pushes the pencil up did not work and I was super disappointed because I was hoping this product would be a nice dupe for my ABH brow wiz.

The Luster Dust. Listen, if you’re interested in the Luster Dust this is a warning: the stuff is strong. You don’t need that much for everyday looks, no seriously. Dip your brush in and tap 98% of the product off, maybe more. This stuff is ridiculously easy to overdo it with.


So…I made a youtube video accompanying this post! Which you can watch  right here!


So every installment of Slay Trials comes with a giveaway!!! This month I’ll be giving TWO readers their own Yes, Please eyeshadow palette here are the rules:

  1. Must be 18 or older and live in the US
  2. Must be following me on Instagram  AND subscribed to my Youtube (I do check!)
  3. Comment 💗 on this post on Instagram.

That’s  it! The winner will be announced on 11/14/18, thanks for  reading and don’t forget to follow me on   instagram, twitter or youtube and check out my other  posts!

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