Hey guys, if you know me you know that I breathe, eat and sleep books! I love reading, even during the most stressful part of my year-finals! While my mind is consistently thinking about my studies, I have to find ways to relax. And let me tell you the novel Whatever May Come by Tracee Garner is how I’ve been turning my mind off.

Brief Summary

The novel tells the story of Tisha, a teacher who is building herself a new life in Georgia after she leaves her hometown in Virginia. Not expecting to find love, she does with an ex-football player. With a very shocking twist, I would recommend this book for those of us that love romance and female driven stories.

My Thoughts

I’m going to be frank guys, this is a beach read, and a damn good one at that. A book that you take to the beach for an adventure and an escape. To be honest, when I first started it I expected a kind of bland romance with a hint of Tisha finding herself through the move but, this book surprised me. Especially as one of the first non-fantasy books I have read in years. So, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with this novel and have added a few of Tracee Garner’s other books to my amazon wishlist.

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