NYX was my first makeup brand, when I started getting into makeup I went to a CVS and almost bought out a whole display trying to stock up. So, when I heard they were collaborating with one of my favorite youtubers I knew I had to purchase.  Alissa Ashley, who’ve I’ve mentioned on my site before, collaborated with NYX cosmetics to create some of the shades of the Cant Stop Won’t Stop foundation line. A line that has 45 shades for $15 for 1 fluid ounce. I purchased the foundation and the accompanying Can’t Stop Won’t Stop primer from my local NYX store for a total of $29 before tax.

The Primer

This is what the primer looked like on my finger.

I wanted to like it, I really did but as soon as the stuff hit my finger I hated it. It has the texture of Vaseline and it comes out of this tiny little hole. And doesn’t spread easily around my face. The first time I used it, it kind of balled up which I attributed to my acne treatment. But it did not affect the foundation itself, it still looked great. The second time I wore it without the treatment and it didn’t ball up but did dry my skin out a bit, and was still hard to spread. So, I do not recommend the primer. Instead use a primer that consistently works for you, my favorite is the Fenty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer.

Shade Matching

I usually am kind of between shades, if you read my Slay Trials piece you know I had to blend two shades to find my perfect match in Maybelline. Arriving at the NYX store the display for the

my shade

foundation was broken into three separate trays by undertone “warm”, “neutral” and “cool”.  This foundation was the first one to blend into my skin completely. It was pretty awesome, I found my shade with the help of my best friend and ended up with Mahogany as my perfect match.

The Wear

I usually use about one and a half pumps of foundation for my full face. The coverage isn’t full but it’s a nice medium to buildable.

This stuff is weightless, it’s like applying water on your skin. I do not feel it at all throughout the day.

Girl, Listen. Like Really stop what you’re doing and pay attention to this part right here. On Thursday September 6, 2018 it was 95 degrees in New Jersey. And I was outside because my classes were all over the place. When I tell you, this foundation stayed on from 8:15 am to 10pm. It didn’t budge, it did not melt off my face. There was a little bit of transferring but, it was a hot, hot day and didn’t take anything away from the coverage. In the first post, I used the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Primer and the second I used Fenty Primer and  Mac Strobe Cream under the foundation.

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Real talk, it’s hot asf.

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The Final Verdict

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Primer? No

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation? Yes, yes, yes and once more yes! This stuff is now a staple in my Fall makeup favorites/must haves. I hope they make a foundation to match.

Thanks for reading! What should I review next?


Also, if anyone knows where or when I can find the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Cinnamon Roll please, oh please, put a girl on.

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