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So, this week I really planned to do something else in fact I never thought I’d talk about hair on my blog. But here I am, one day after the worst trim I’ve ever gotten and I want to talk about it. If you don’t feel like reading you can watch this video on my youtube channel. Otherwise, sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Things to Know about my hair

I have fine, normal to high porosity 4C hair. I’ve been fully natural since I was 16, so about 5 years but, I’ve never been that serious about my natural hair. In winter of 2018 I decided to get serious about my hair and see how much I could grow it in 2019.

The Original Plan

My initial plan was to protective style my way to length retention. I started off this plan by getting Marley twists in December. You can see them in the picture below and I also featured them in a GIFtorial here on my blog.

My initial plan was to protective style my way to length retention. I started off this plan by getting Marley twists in December. You can see them in the picture below and I also featured them in a GIFtorial here on my blog.

After the Marley twists, I let my hair take a week break (after my wash day regimen of course) then got a closure sew in which I had for 9 weeks. And after the sew in I took out my hair and it had GREW.

(Siri play “Feeling Myself” by Beyonce)

It had grown nicely but as you can see I needed a trim. This picture was taken after my hair had been blow dried and had one pass of the flat iron. But it was clear what needed to be cleaned up. My mom had been going to a stylist, who I’ll call Karen, that I had been wanting to try. I had not been to an actual stylist in two years and depended on myself to trim my ends when they got out of hand. But, the last time I’d had my hair cut by a stylist I’d had them give me layers as you can kind of see in the grown out picture.

The Salon Visit

Y’all I was super excited, my hair had grown I just needed a trim. I was gonna protective style all summer, then get highlights for the fall and start wearing my hair out. I just wanted the front to grow out more to be a certain length when I do twist outs. Plus, I wanted a trusted stylist to go to for this stuff since I was never sure whether my home trims were acceptable.

So I went to Karen’s salon, it’s cute and clean. My mom introduces us, before this because I wanted highlights Karen had wanted to see my hair before she performed this service. But after seeing my newfound length I decided to just get a trim and save the highlights for Fall. Most of my communication with Karen was done through my mom so she wasn’t aware I was coming in for a trim that day but took me on as a client anyways.

I waited two hours for her to finish the other clients, their hair came out great so I wasn’t nervous, then it was my turn. The shampoo and conditioning process was uneventful, I did find it a little odd and a bit painful that she combed my hair root to tip but, besides that it was a normal wash and condition.

The Trim

Here is where things get iffy and alarming. First she attempts to just start blow drying my hair without detangling. My ends are a MESS, so that’s unsuccessful. So she stops that and decides to run the brush (still root to tip) through my hair before picking up the blow dryer. She finishes the blow out, and starts the trim and asks me what I plan to do with my hair next. I tell her I plan to get braids and she warns that I shouldn’t get a trim right before braids because my ends could get snipped when the braider cuts the frizz. Which is great information two hours too late. I wish she would’ve asked me that question when I first came. Plus, I don’t plan on getting the braids for another two weeks and the woman who does my braids only goes over the very ends with the scissors.

The Aftermath

She finishes the trim, I pay my $42 and I leave, go home and realize it’s most definitely uneven. To which my mom points out one side of my hair is more blown out than the other side.

(Siri, play “Party Up” by DMX)

And that was my trim. My mother reached out to Karen, sent her the pictures, and she apologized for what was obviously a bad job. She offered me a free service which I don’t see myself utilizing.

Karen was professional about the whole thing, and this served as a learning experience for me. The big lesson being “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” I plan to grow my hair out and go to the stylist who initially layered my hair to get it re-layered then go back to my at home trims.

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