It’s been close to six months since I started this blog and I just wanted to share and reflect on  my top 5 posts of last year.

My very first post detailing a few lessons I had learned in my lifetime. I had been preparing this post for months and was extremely nervous about it. Rereading the post  am happy I started this blog with that reflective post.

The second installment of Slay Trials where I try one brand of makeup for a week (third installment coming soon) and usually do a giveaway towards the end. I give my completely honest opinion on the brand and the products I try and truly enjoy writing this series for you all.

This was more so a post to help other people going into college not make the mistakes I made freshman year. If you’re heading to college or in your first semesters of college.

UNice hair was super duper hyped all over my timelines and I just didn’t trust anyone’s opinion on it (remember how great everyone claimed it was) so I felt like giving an unsponsored honest  opinion on the brand.

I loved this post, I actually reference it if I find myself in a time crunch. I’ve had friends tell me this post helped them during their semester. It’s definitely one of my favorite posts so far.

So those are the most read posts on my blog from 2018, I can’t wait to see what you guys  like this year!

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