It’s Monday but, today’s Makeup Monday has been postponed until tomorrow.

Bring on the summer rays and hot days! I know June just started but, I am ready for summer. There’s so much already on the plans for this summer and I want to take it further and thought I’d share some of my summer wants with you guys.

  • Jump Start my new career-I keep teasing this new announcement, and here’s another teasing of it but, I promise I’ll be announcing SOON. I am so excited to start this new chapter of my life and share it with you all, so stay tuned.
  • Brunch, brunch, brunch-I want to get cute with my friends and go to a bomb ass brunch on some rooftop with cute fruity frozen beverages and dance and post up living my best life.
  • Travel-I’m just tired of New Jersey, been here all year.
  • Finish that novel I’ve been writing.
  • Build my wardrobe-I need business casual wardrobe suggestions ASAP, along with cute clothes in general. I also need shoes for all occasions because I’ve been working off two pairs of sneakers for about two years now. (I’m not a big shoe person, I wish I could pop my feet off like a Bratz doll)

That’s some of the things I want to accomplish this summer, what about you all? What’s on your summer wish list?

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Thanks for reading!


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