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As the temperatures fade from summer heat to fall breezes and in my opinion general cozy weather, it’s time to switch up my beauty routine a bit and here are a few of my makeup favorites in particular order:

  1. Fenty Pro Filter Primer

I do not need to tell y’all how amazing this primer is, we’ve known Fenty Beauty was THAT brand of the makeup industry when it debuted with forty shades, bomb highlighters, gloss bomb. Like I don’t have to say anything, you know why it’s on this list.

  1. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation in Mahogany.

This foundation is fairly new, and as someone who recently started wearing foundation consistently it is perfect. I would even suggest it to people who don’t like makeup much because it is so light weight you barely feel it and still get loads of coverage.

  1. Morphe 3502 Palette
my weathered morphe palette

This palette is perfect for the fall season. I am far from an eyeshadow/blending master so I don’t really try anything too complex. This shadow is perfect for my super simple fall looks.

  1. MAC Gold Deposit and Mac Gold Lite Strobe Cream

Gives me a light natural highlight, the only highlighter I use if you’ve been on my Instagram  like ever. I just love this stuff, and it’s buildable if you want more of a wow glow.  The strobe cream I apply before foundation and it just adds a subtle glow to my skin.

  1. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NC45

This was my summer staple and I am proud to see it join me in the fall. For some reason I had not tried this concealer until it was recommended to my mom this June. I saw it on her and turned to the MAC makeup artist like “yeah, me too!” Sadly, last week I dropped it and the bottle shattered (freaking

I was devastated on snap!

glass!!!!!) so I have to restock a little earlier than expected.

This is just a short post I wanted to share, especially since I mentioned my fall favorites in last month’s Slay Trials.

Thanks for reading!


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