What is Lip Chemistry?

Lip Chemistry is a vegan and organic skin and lip care line based in New Jersey that can be found on Etsy

So, What's the Tea?

About two or three weeks ago, the owner of Lip Chemistry reached out to send me samples to review. I received the entire Lip Chemistry line which includes two lip balms, the black tea face scrub and the organic lip scrub. Over the past few weeks I've tried each of these products and have ranked them for the new buyer.

The face scrub

  1. Organic Black Tea Face Scrub- I'm not sure how I've lived this long without this scrub, I usually avoid most scrubs because I have sensitive skin and find a lot of them too abrasive. This scrub has been amazing for my skin, leaving my skin feeling clean but not stripped. Here's a video of me using the scrub to help cleanse my face after light makeup.
  2. Lip Chemistry Lip Balm-The lip balms come in two flavors or scents, however you prefer to describe your lip balm. There's Lemon Pepper and Baha and let me tell you guys. Both of these smell so good I'm willing to bathe in them at any time, any place. They're also extremely moisturizing and left my lips feeling like softened butter,
  3. Baha Lip Scrub- I'm gonna try this product again when it's warmer because winter is HARSH on my skin, especially my lips, and ironically this product wasn't abrasive enough but worked very well on my younger sister. I suggest getting a small toothbrush and using it to apply to your lips and give a soft scrub.

the lip balms

Overall I highly recommend this brand, especially the face scrub for anyone with sensitive temperamental skin. I plan to consistently have that scrub around for my weekly face scrubs. You can learn more about Lip Chemistry by visiting them on Etsy or Instagram.

As always, thank's for reading!

I would like to thank Lip Chemistry for letting me try their products! Make sure you check out my other posts and stay up to date by following me on instagram and twitter!



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