Hello 2019!

I took a few weeks off for the holidays and general self wellness after finals. But, a few days ago I got my final grades for my first semester as a transfer student and wanted to summarize my experience. In my last transfer post I lightly touched on how stressful my current institution as compared to the one I’m at now. That stress only increased after that post, my semester got hectic.

Course Load

Last semester I took 18 credits, I would’ve taken 19 but the one credit gen ed I needed was full. Within 18 credits I was enrolled in 6 courses and one no credit P/F course. At my previous institution each class accounted for 4 credits and I usually took 5 courses a semester. An extra course doesn’t seem like a lot i theory but it was. Especially when coupled with my other responsibilities. Amazingly, I still managed to do well in my courses.

School Spirit!

Larger Campus and Weather

This is gonna be a short one, listen. I hate the cold. I hate walking a mile to each class. It almost killed me when the weather dropped.

The Whole Social Life Thing

I’ll do better next semester y’all I swear.


I will never take a class that starts before 10AM again. It just is not feasible for my commuter lifestyle. In fact I had a class that I thought began at 8:45 and I would walk in at 8:44 having gotten off the bus at 8:40. Every time I walked in I wondered why my professor was so prompt at starting class at 8:45 because every time I walked in he was mid lecture. On the last day of the semester I realized the class actually began at 8:30 and I had just been late every day.

With this second semester I have made sure to avoid that issue completely by scheduling no classes before 10AM and paying closer attention to my schedule. Although I do have one super late class that I was not able to avoid because, I need it to graduate.

5 Goals for Next Semester!

  • Make a daily schedule and follow it.
  • Set aside time to study and complete classwork.
  • Think positively, mindset is everything.
  • Stay organized.
  • Join a study group/tutoring.

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Happy New Year!


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