So, you don’t like the college you chose when you were a high school senior. Of course not, college is very different from high school and you chose one without prior knowledge about the differences. About what you would like, or not like. Whether you wanted to stay local, go to a big school or small school. And to make all of those decisions worst for most, finances are a big factor.  But, don’t worry if you find yourself unhappy with your decision you can always transfer and here’s the five steps on how to do that.

How to Transfer

  1. Research other schools, what’s different about that school than your current institution? Is it bigger or smaller? Research the program for your major, make sure it’s worth the transfer.
  2. Reach out to one of your choices
  3. Try to calculate what transfers will credit and your financial aid.
  4. Check the application requirements
  5. Apply, and once you get in remember to settle everything with your current institution.

Things to remember:

-Grades and GPA don’t transfer, only credits do.

-Depending on the institutions you may find yourself a few credits short of your rank at your first institution.

-Also, you may lose some of your funding at the new institution. For example, at my original college I was granted a scholarship for my academics. At the new institution that scholarship doesn’t exist because I have no academic record there.

-Meet with your new academic advisor as soon as possible.

-Consider taking summer or winter classes to make up for any credits that do not transfer.

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