Hello June!

Hey, I took a break to finish up my semester (updates coming) and do some other really exciting thing (major announcement coming, if you follow my twitter you may already know) that kind of just slurped up all of my time. But, I’m back and I’m better and today, I wanted to talk about this early twenties phase where it feels like everything is moving so slow. Not a day goes by when I don’t think to myself “Wow, you accomplished nothing today.” Even when it’s not true

 So, instead of being bummed about not being on Forbes’s most recent 30 under 30 list, here are four tips (in no particular order) for surviving your early twenties.

Social media is full of lies

I mean, think about it how many times are you actually feeling super happy and fulfilled when you post your best Instagram pictures and captions? Remember that real life happens offscreen and everyone deals with their baggage and issues, but most people decide not to post them.

Take your time

We are not all going to be millionaires by the age of 25, some of us might not even be comfortable. We’re a part of a generation that is living with their parents after college for longer amounts of time than seen in previous generations. And that’s okay, some of us are coming out of college with overwhelming amounts of debt. Don’t get too riled up about what other people are doing or thinking and instead focus on your own moves and goals.

Keep grinding

Feeling stuck and actually being stuck are two different things. The best way to actually get stuck is to let that stuck feeling get to you and stop grinding. If you don’t want to actually be stuck, keep grinding, keep it pushing.

Plan it out

When I’m feeling stuck, writing down my goals and the steps I am/have taken is soothing. Seeing everything outlined on paper is just a gentle reminder that things are moving even when it doesn’t feel that way and that I am going somewhere.

And the most important tips I can give:

Protect your energy.

Protect your bag.

Protect yourself.

I live by this motto that most people are not actually essential. We all can just sometimes have the desire to have people in our lives that simply do not fit. This can be detrimental to one’s growth. Protect yourself from these people, and those vibes that just aren’t it.

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