Your Grades Do Matter

To be quite honest you K-8 grades have little to know impact. Seriously, when does someone ask for you middle school GPA? Or your GPA in general for that matter. But, in highschool that’s all different the best thing to do is to flex freshman year, because raising a low GPA is harder than maintaining a high one.

The SAT also matters

Although recently some colleges have been making reporting SAT scores optional, they’re actually helpful for placement. With my SAT grades I was able to have a few general education requirements waived at my first university.

Write that Essay

And take your time, this is your chance to give whatever admissions official reading your application a small listen of your voice and it’s only about 500 words.

Activities, activities, and activities

Join clubs, teams, whatever during high school. Colleges like people who can add and meld into their community.

Community College is a GOOD option

I WISH I had done two years at community college, earned my associates then transferred for my bachelors, especially because I never wanted to go to the institution I ended up at. Community college would have saved me so much time and frustration and MONEY, guys. This is my most important piece of advice, do not count community college out.

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