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Today I just wanted to give you all a brief synopsis on how I got fired from my seasonal job. My freshman year of college I was tired of being broke (I think my parents consider college financial struggles character building) and decided to get a seasonal job at the mall. I landed a job at a department store, making a little more than minimum wage and I was a little more than a mess. Here’s the top three reasons I was not made full time:

I never wore the uniform

If you didn’t know, which I didn’t because I never shop in department stores like that, the uniform for certain places like Macy’s, JCPenney, or Lord & Taylor is a semi formal all black. I don’t own black clothing, I’m naturally skinny and the color just makes me disappear.I have a few pairs of black leggings which are not accepted uniforms for the store I worked at. But, I refused to buy black slacks or wear the black sacks I had reserved for special functions. So, I wore the leggings, with a black top and often any shoe I could find.

I called out on predestination days

Often times when you apply for a seasonal position they give you the schedule during the interview and ask if you can work these days. I said yes, and called out twice a week for the whole six weeks.The worst days were holidays when just about everyone called out, for me I called out on Thanksgiving and the managers were not too pleased.

I would leave the store

It was a mall. I couldn’t help it, I did all my Christmas shopping while I was supposed to be working.

But, I learned something…

My sub par work as an employee of that store let me know what type of employee I wanted to be and I kept that in mind for my next retail job. And I continue to keep it in mind today. I’m glad to say I’ve gained a stronger sense of responsibility and leadership since this gig.


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Happy Holidays!!!


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