Hey guys,

Sorry for the unexplained hiatus. I was sick for a few weeks then super stressed and busy after. Also, I’m still tweaking my schedule around school, work, and consistently posting. But now I’m back with fresh new posts and ideas. This week, after all the stress I encountered last week I wanted to share a few of the ways I was able to relax when I feel overwhelmed.

A Nap

A nap is one of the most relaxing things for me, they’re like my midday reset button. If I’m cranky I take a quick 15 minute and wake up feeling like a brand new person.  


I recently started drinking tea with a little bit of sugar and some honey. Not only does it open my sinuses (I have seasonal allergies) but tea usually soothes me throughout the whole production.

Binge watching

There are few things more relaxing then binge watching. I just finished the second season of Big Mouth but my favorite show to binge watch is The Office.

Face masks

Gonna be honest, I only do the peel off masks. I feel like the ones I gotta rinse off take the fun out of it. I usually do these during late nights when I’ve been up studying or doing school work and just want to clear my mind and pores simultaneously.


There is something so relaxing about having someone rub your hands/feet then put the polish on. I don’t do this as often as the others because I usually am only free on Friday, and you know how busy these places are on fridays.


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