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Welcome back to another installment of Test the Hype. Last week we explored Unice Hair and this week we’ll be exploring another social media popular brand: Lilly Lashes. The mink lash company was founded by blogger and reality star Lilly Ghalichi and has been seen on the eyes of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Shay Mitchell, and Kylie Jenner. These lashes look great, at least on Instagram. A pair of the 3D lashes retails for $29.99 on their site.

I caught on to the hype shortly before New Years when I told myself that I would make sure I knew how to apply strip lashes in 2018. A few searches and clicks on YouTube led me to Alissa Ashley’s video about applying lashes to hooded eyes where she mentions using Lilly Lashes. One visit to the company’s Instagram page and I was hooked. Specifically, on the style Mykonos they appeared to have this wispy look that wasn’t exactly natural but didn’t seem to be over the top glam. You can check them out here.

Before I jump into the product, let’s talk about the website. It was simple to use but, a tad bit annoying. No matter which style I chose they said “only a few left” which I understand may be a tactic to encourage people to buy sooner but, actually made me sit there considering waiting for a restock.

I ordered Mykonos lashes on February 12 at 12:30pm and was sent an email that my order had shipped at 1:38 pm. I thought this was awesome and clicked the tracking number just to see it that it said shipment info received, no big deal. The issue becomes that till this day almost six months later the site says “shipment info received” so I was not able to track my lashes. I’m not sure if this was because I utilized rush shipping or a glitch in the system but it led to me being fairly surprised five days later when my package showed up.

the shipping conformation

Finally, let’s talk about the lashes themselves.  I’ve worn them about six times, give or take, they are easy to apply and clean. And when applied correctly they are fairly comfortable. I don’t see myself buying them again simply because I do a pretty basic natural look most days, and Mykonos doesn’t exactly fit that.

the lashes in their original packaging

Which leads me to the warning I have for anyone interested in purchasing from Lilly Lashes: need to know what look you want to achieve. I wanted more of a natural look but Mykonos are definitely more on the glam side. Remember when browsing through their Instagram that most of their posts feature people wearing a full face of makeup so the lashes may not look as glam as they are. I found that they looked less wispy in person than they did in the pictures.

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