I’m going to be real frank with you. Working in retail during the holidays suck and guess what? It’s your fault, and mine, and your relatives often enough. The holidays are frustrating for everyone, I hate shopping, you hate shopping. I hate answering the same question a million times, arguining about price. It’s just a mess. A mess.  But here are some things you as a customer can do to help:

The person ringing you up has nothing to do with the price.

No, let’s really talk about it. Yelling at the person about a sole cashmere sweater you saw on a $2 rack  that ‘surprisingly’ rang up for $150 (it’s happened) is not it. Most registers allow cashiers to reduce the price with limitations at some stores its a limit of $3, other stores may allow them to take off up to 25% but, the whole fit the whole ‘this is ridiculous! blah blah’ it’s unnecessary. And won’t make me, personally, change the price.

You’re not the only customer in the store

I’m sorry you weren’t able to find any help on the floor. But, the store is facing an influx of customers and only so many employees can be here at one time. But, the person at the register is Image result for stop it gif not going to leave the register to help you find x,y, or z because guess what. There’s a line and their job is to get rid of the line.

Move as quickly away from the register when you’re done

I can’t count the number of times a customer will come up, complaining about how they had to wait in line at a STORE, finish the transaction then stand there and slowly reorganize their wallet. How does that make sense? Weren’t you just annoyed because you had to wait in line? Now you’re going to stand here and to the same thing to everyone else in line who you were just complaining with. Don’t do that.


Sometimes there bathroom is closed for a reason

Smaller stores may not have someone who cleans the bathroom every hour, or even a well functioning bathroom to begin with. So when an employee/manager (this has happened!) tells you the bathroom is closed, guess what? It’s CLOSED. When you go up to another employee and ask AGAIN for access to the bathroom you’re messing with someone’s bag.


Image result for jenifer lewis gif

Do NOT connive, scheme, and weasel yourself into the bathroom that so many of the employees denied you access to. Just to come up to customer service, a manager or your YELP account and complain about the cleanliness/plumbing of the bathroom that you BEGGED to get into. Stop it.

if you’re in line forever take your card, cash, or check out while you wait

The number of people who stand in line, tapping their foot, rolling their eyes, scoffing in disbelief and complaining about how slow the line is moving. Then walk up to the register and stand there, watch you scan their stuff then can’t find their card or cash is ridiculous. The people who complain the most about this are usually the source of the problem.

your complaints to the cashier do nothing during this season

It’s just, there are a lot of complaints.

No one likes your child

Listen, listen to what I am about to tell you. NO ONE LIKES YOUR CHILD. That doesn’t mean your child isn’t cute, smart, made of rainbows whatever. It means that after standing at a register for Image result for look at me gifeight hours no one wants to deal with anyone’s annoying kid. So when you have your child at the register please do not be one of those parents that allows them to touch everything, yell, destroy displays, CLIMB on to the counters/register and just so much more. We understand that sometimes kids have tantrums but, keep that on your side of the transaction.


Don’t act upset that the employees have to work on whatever holiday when you’re the reason

The most annoying thing I hear on Christmas Eve is “oh my god, I can’t believe you have to work on Christmas Eve!” as a customer sticks their card into the POS system. You’re saying this but you’re the reason I’m here. We’ve all seen the tweet.

the cashier is not responsible for the price, the way the store works, or whatever is going on on the floor.

I said something like this earlier in the post, and it’s worth repeating. Although it may all be under one store during busy times, like the holidays things get kind of divided. The people on the floor have their things to worry about, cashiers have theirs, the stock room is a mess so can’t help you.

Sometimes the store just doesn’t have it.

The thing about alot of online inventories, they include damages, stolen merchandise, items in transit and items that have been damaged. Usually a magic number for a store is 10, during theImage result for simmer down now gif holidays I’d bump this up to a 20 depending on the store cause people DO steal. there is no conspiracy to keep you away from your merchandise.

Bonus: Monitor your annoying relative

I’m going to be completely frank here: My grandparents are some of the most annoying customers I’ve ever encountered. Therefore when I do find myself in a store with them I try to do what I can to minimize it.

Bonus Bonus: No one gift wraps.

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