Happy Blogmas!

The holidays can be stressful especially if you’re not a   Leslie Knope-esque perfect  shopper for your loved ones.  As a lifelong book-lover I just wanted to share this one tip for  those of you who find them self stumped on what to get the bookworm of their life.   Some people find it scary but, bookworms are the easiest people to shop for because a gift card is always accepted.

Yes, seriously.

I  know a lot of people find giving gift cards to their loved ones   kind of careless but I’ll tell you what’s worst: receiving a book you don’t like.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve received a book that  simply couldn’t dig (oh, slang) and  ended up giving to someone else.  In fact,  not even my fellow bookworm friends have gifted me a book  even though they give great recommendations!

So, don’t panic over your bookworm friend/relative because they’re the first person you can cross off your list.

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Happy Holidays


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