Hey guys! I finally got back to my true love, READING. And my first read of the year is…. Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian.


It’s a YA fantasy novel, and Sebastian’s debut novel. It tells the story of Theodosia, air to the throne of Astrea but when she was 6 years old her country was taken over by the Kalovaxians and her mother was killed. She now lives as a part of the Kalovaxian court under the cruel gaze of the Kaiser. After she has to kill an old friend, Theo realizes she can no longer just survive in the Kalovaxian court, she must fight for her country.


This novel fits right in with the current popularity of the oppressed heroine coming into her strength and reclaiming what was taken or kept from her. And it tells this narrative well, Sebastian’s novel is a good read.

The plot does have subtle twists and turns to keep the reader involved, and motivated to continue the book but the characters are the best part. If you’re someone who easily gets annoyed by characters who are obviously stereotypes then this book is for you. Sebastian writes the characters in a way that does not oversaturate the readers with their traits. They’re complex, driven and consistently push the novel forward. There is no fluff in this book, even small scenes prove of importance in this book and only one thing irked me.

One of the characters has a story line that makes no sense whatsoever, I discuss it further in my youtube video. And that annoyed me enough that I took one star off my rating for the book. I gave it 4/5 stars on my own personal scale.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be posting a book related video every week along with my regular lifestyle content. If you watch this week’s book video you can already know what book I’ll be talking about next week and dont forget to check out my other posts and follow me on  Instagram and Twitter.

See you next week!


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