So after some responses to a previous post about how awful Princess Diaries was, and how a third film is not needed. I decided to keep the subject around and explore another Disney gem, High School Musical. I loved these movies as a kid, so I guess it’s only fair that I rank all the songs in the first two.

17. Bet on it-He snuck into the golf course to sing about drama he caused, and this song is just so annoying. Troy was annoying that whole movie like wtf.

(you’re lying if you don’t say wtf when looking at this)


16. All for One-Sucky ending song.


14. When There Was Me and You-It’s just she sung this about Troy, but they’d met once over winter break and rarely even like talked in school, so…I don’t know man.

13. We’re All in This Together-I hate this song more everytime I hear it. It’s so cheery and like, ugh.

12. What I’ve Been Looking For- it was eh.

11. Start of Something New- This song would be higher on the list if it wasn’t such a scam. Out of all the songs Drew Seely sang for this franchise this one was the most obvious. I truly believed this was Zac Efron for YEARS until someone clued me in and I really listened.

10. Stick to the Status Quo-The dance scene in the cafeteria was iconic. Period.

9. Breaking Free-Although this song was catchy and well performed they should not have been given the lead roles. Sharpay and Ryan had worked super hard for YEARS for people who couldn’t even decide if they wanted to commit to yank their victory.

8. Fabulous-This might belong higher on the list, truly established Sharpay as the icon she was.


7. You are the Music in Me-It’s just such a sweet song, can’t hate it if I tried.


5. I Don’t Dance-It was just nice to see Sharpay’s brother interact with the other characters.

4. What Time is it?-I still say this on my last day of school. Iconic.

3. Everyday-This whole scene was so cute, with Troy singing alone then Gabriella shows up to finish the duet, aww.

2. Get’cha Head in the Game-a bop. Not up for discussion.


1.Gotta Go My Own Way-talk about heartbreak, when Gabriella told Troy she was leaving the country club, had my 9-year-old self in tears.


No, I won’t be tuning into the reboot series, or acknowledging it.

I had fun going back, listening to these songs and making this list. So,
I’ll probably do another one soon. Tell me what musical I should do next in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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