A Bit of back story

this is me at my retail job

Hey everyone, I’m going to start this post off with a brief story so you can get the context of where this post originates from.

Last week, I had to call out of work for personal matters and my boss said “You can’t keep calling out like this” (I had called out one day three weeks before) so, I said “I’m sorry but, I just can’t make it today. I have to watch my siblings.” To which he scoffed and hung up.

There are so many more unprofessional stories I can tell from this one job. I plan to leave this job by the end of the year because at the end of the day that is all it is: a job. At this job I get paid 9.41/hr for a part time retail job. That means yearly I make far less than $8,000. And even if it was full time I would be earning under 20k a year. So this far from professional experience last week reminded me of one thing I’d forgotten: this part time retail job is not my career.

I will not be spending most of my life at this job. And if you’re like me, a college student trying to juggle the demands of school, your personal life, and having a job-this brief guide is for you.


Before the semester starts, sit down and write what your goals are. What are things you want to stay on top of? What are things you’re willing to let slide? What in your life is non negotiable? For me, I sat down and decided that school was my top priority. Especially entering a new school. I decided work would be second, and if it really became too much it wouldn’t be on the list at all.


I was meticulous when making my schedule because I also had to take into account my mother’s work schedule.So I ended up not working during the week and having classes everyday but Wednesdays.


Your body needs sleep to function, college is hard enough for sleep. Make sure you get sleep


Don’t let work stress you out more than school. Especially the small retail jobs we often have during college. It’s important to remember that at these retail jobs you are replaceable. Which sounds like a bummer but, it is true. Most retail jobs don’t even require a high school diploma and are available to anyone working age. This in mind, do the best you can at your job but don’t put your diploma at risk.


I struggle with this a a lot but, I finally found a way to help me save money. I take $40 out of my check every week and place it in my savings account.

Don’t say No

Sometimes having a  job takes away from your ability to be involved on campus and with campus activities. Recently, I’ve came to the realization that it’s important not to say no to these events and clubs. Especially as a transfer student, my packed schedule didn’t allow me to fully immerse my self into the culture of my new institution. Now that I don’t work on the weekend I am able to attend more activities at my school.


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  1. You’re right about not saying no to events like that. They really are great for making friends and making connections. And damn straight. A job is just a JOB

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