Welcome back, thanks for coming. Its Friday, and on Fridays I try not to schedule my blog so harshly and just pick a topic that’s on my mind and recent. So, this Friday, I decided to write a post on things that I’m just not feeling right now. Most of the things on this post are things that have irked me recently, or just generally don’t make sense.  

Kylie Skin

I have never watched an episode of KUWTK in my life, yet I feel like I’m aware every time one of them takes a breath. I am tired of this family being relevant for almost no reason. I am saving up for Fenty Skin because, I know it will clear my acne AND my credit simultaneously.

Soundcloud Rappers

I don’t think I need to explain this one. It’s cool that y’all follow your dreams but, please stop sending me your links.

Children’s YouTube stars

There’s one kid’s youtuber that I like: JoJo Siwa, she’s sweet. But there is this other kid on YouTube who sits there and opens candy and toys and has somehow finessed his way onto Nickelodeon. Like why?! Why will Nickelodeon be airing thirty minutes of this kid playing? Who pitched this show? Some things belong on YouTube and only YouTube and if you’ve seen this kid’s videos you know his channel is one of those Youtube only things.


I’ve been bitten twice every time I’ve left the house this week, and it’s not even summer yet. I’m tired of these things coming around and ruining my good times.

Reboots (excluding Lion King)

When this trend first started, I was kind of excited then I actually saw the results and…I need these reboots to stop. Not every animated film needs to be made live action. And not every good show from the early 2000s needs to be tweaked and bought into 2019. This being said please leave the following shows alone: The Proud Family, As Told by Ginger, Rugrats, One on One, and Degrassi. Especially that last one, Degrassi should’ve ended decades ago and yet it’s a show on Netflix. Why?

So that was just my rant about some things I found a bit annoying this week. How was your week? If you want to hear more of my rants follow me on twitter, if you want to occasionally see me rant follow me on instagram. And If you want to do neither and only see my rants on this site, join my email list.

Thanks for reading, have an amazing weekend!


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